Open Spring Isolators


AM150/450 dimensions


AM5/125 dimensions


The AM open spring mounts ranges from 5 - 450 kgs complimenting our established OSB type mount.

The mount comprises of a high resistance steel spring finished in blue epoxy with metal caps bonded top and bottom and incorporating a visco-elastic putty preventing metal to metal contact.

A closed cell flexible polyethylene liner prevents the ingress of solid particles to inside the spring affecting performance.

Supplied with a galvanised slotted base plate, M8 or M12 captive nuts and levelling bolts the AM mount is ideal for all kinds of machinery operating at low cyclic speeds above 600 rpm.


  • Air Handling Units
  • Dust Extractor & Vibrator Systems
  • Floating Bedplates
  • Axial Fans
  • Compressors/Pumps

PERFORMANCE:  5 - 125 kg @ 25mm deflection
                              150 - 450 kg @ 35mm deflection



OSB  dimensions


These single spring isolators have a load range of up to 800 kgs.

The OSB isolator has steel caps which are welded into position with anti-noise washers fitted between all metal parts

Capable of being fitted with either M8 or M12 threaded inserts and available with or without base plates, this isolator is ideal for Inertia Bases, Air Handling Units and machinery operating above 600 rpm.

50mm deflection springs are also available on the type OSB mounting for rotating speeds below 600 rpm.

PERFORMANCE: Load Range 100 - 800 kg @ 25mm deflection.